prime grade quality

Commitment to Quality


we give priority to the consistency in the selection of products, to provide high quality cuts and tailored to the customer.

TACUAREMBO S.A. guarantees the highest quality standards thanks to an unique and exclusive Reliable Selection protocol.

A consistent selection and the standardization of every product is achieved by following strict parameters that allow to mark the quality of the meat:

  • Type, breed and background of the animal.
  • Size.
  • Classification by age and ossification.
  • Half carcass weight and structure.
  • Conformation of prime cuts.
  • Intramuscular fat.
  • PH (degree of acidity).

This original classification system is based on a thorough and strict control throughout the production process: purchase and selection of animals, slaughtering, cutting, cooling, packaging and dispatching.

Safe and Reliable Processes

Starting from safe and reliable processes, the company works in all its lines following a well-defined pattern of premises:


  1. To elaborate innocuous and safe products
  2. To satisfy all our customers
  3. To meet all current legal requirements
  4. To improve constantly
  5. To preserve the environment and the animal’s health and wellbeing.